Extra virgin olive oil 500ml


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The olive oil from Lesvos island is an innovative product that goes back thousands of years. A product of quality with exquisite characteristics which makes it stand out. the Olive oil, “liquid gold” according to Homer is a miraculous fountain of nutrients. The Balidas family using fresh ideas and a contemporary business approach aims for the golden essence from the island of olive groves to travel into every household around the world.

Nutrition declaration / 100ml

Energy Value 3766KJ/900KCAL
Fat 91.7G
Of which
Saturated fat 12.8G
Mono-unsaturates 70.5G
Polyunsaturates 8.3G
Carbohydrate 0.0G
Of which
Sugars 0.0G
Protein 0.0G
Salt 0.0G